Public Scholarship at the University of Michigan

The Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop (RIW) for Public Scholarship intends to support and promote the community of publicly engaged scholars at the University of Michigan through meetings and events related to public scholarship. With publicly engaged scholarship as the foundation, this workshop brings together graduate students interested in and committed to research for public impact, public engagement, and public good.

Though sessions on campus, invited guest lectures, and site visits, the group will join bi-weekly to discuss and learn about public scholarship from people engaged in such work. In an effort to expand our conceptual and spatial notions of publicly engaged scholarship and community partnerships, the workshop will offer off-campus site visits, meeting guest guest speakers at their worksites and in their communities as they share their particular paths, how they conceptualize public scholarship and university partnerships, and what it means to work for the public good. In addition, workshop participants will be able to use this opportunity for peer feedback and insights, both through panel style peer presentations and through peer writing and workshoping sessions. Workshop participants can learn from other U-M students whose work and research is publicly engaged, while also discussing and reviewing their own work, such as papers in progress, dissertation chapters, project proposals, and grant applications.

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